Symposium on Theology, Spirituality and Cancer

School of Theology, Faculty of Arts, The University of Auckland


Laidlaw College, Auckland

20-21 February, 2014 at the University of Auckland (City Campus)Online registration is now open – Click here to register

UPDATED PROGRAMME – 15 February 2014 – is now available – Click here

The Theology, Spirituality and Cancer symposium is an interdisciplinary meeting exploring dialogue between theological (including biblical), religious, philosophical, spiritual, healthcare and pastoral arenas. The symposium will be of interest to academics and practitioners, including religious ministers, chaplains, counsellors and healthcare practitioners in related areas. It will address issues such as theodicy, cancer therapies, end of life care, pastoral issues, and insights a theological, religious or spiritual perspective can bring to an understanding of all aspects of cancer. These areas will be explored through presented papers, keynote addresses, and a public lecture. It is intended that the symposium result in a published volume of essays. Topics for discussion include:

  • cancer and the problem of evil
  • health, therapy and saving power
  • ritual, prayer and cancer therapy
  • anger, guilt and forgiveness
  • spirituality and pastoral care
  • religion and the experience of cancer
  • competing myths, conflicting authorities
  • cancer and creation
  • cancer in eschatological perspective